Fashion Network: MadaLuxe Opens New Headquarters and NY showroom

MadaLuxe has opened its new 9,000-square-foot headquarters and New York showroom. The company will use its East Coast office to further expand brand relationships and grow its wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses.


"Our new headquarters and showroom provide traditional and off-price buyers with an opportunity to engage with luxury lifestyle products in an innovative atmosphere,” explained Adam Freede, CEO of MadaLuxe Group, in a statement.

The showroom follows a minimalist design aesthetic with cool whites and grays. An espresso and juice bar and communal lounge greets buyers upon entry, taking inspiration from luxury design houses in Milan. The goal is to provide a social area where buyers can linger with the product.

Freede added, “The space has been thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique products of our European partners, including runway videos and Hollywood set lighting inspired by our California roots, all of which enable buyers to experience luxury in an elevated way in our convenient Garment District location.”

NY-based firm Ssuperette was tasked with creating an understated backdrop for the space. MadaLuxe's goal was to create an environment in which to showcase the craftsmanship and design of its products, enabling them to come to the forefront.

Sandy Sholl, co-founder and executive chairman of MadaLuxe Group emphasized that it is a family-owned business that also views its buyers as part of the family. “That is why the lounge is designed to reflect our belief that when you come to visit us, you should feel like you’re being welcomed into our home.”

MadaLuxe's new showroom and headquarters are located at 1370 Broadway, New York.

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