MadaLuxe Group becomes exclusive North American distributor for Fendi Timepieces

One of North America’s leading luxury fashion distributors has announced that it has reached a deal to become the distributor for Fendi Timepieces in the continent.

MadaLuxe Group said that it was with “great excitement” that it announced Fendi’s products into its prominent portfolio of exclusive European designer brand partners.

According to Adam Freede, CEO and owner of MadaLuxe Group, expanding the offerings with quintessential brands such as Fendi Timepieces supports the commitment of the group to deliver the highest quality and authentic luxury goods to the customers.

Renowned for its luxury timepieces for Women and Men Fendi Timepieces has blended Fendi’s Italian DNA with Swiss watchmaking expertise since 1988.

MadaLuxe Group’s plan for Fendi Timepieces will focus on luxury fashion boutiques and high-end department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

The MadaLuxe Group partnership arrives in conjunction with the launch of the new Forever Fendi timepiece.

The collection pays homage to Fendi’s heritage, featuring the iconic FF logo on the watch’s bracelet and exquisite full pave dials for the Limited Edition.

The Fendimania collection, which celebrates the Roman Maison’s FF logo while blending luxury fashion and watchmaking into a statement piece, has also been launched this year as a new addition to the Fendi Timepieces portfolio which also includes the Policromia, Fendi IShine, Selleria, Run Away, Fendi My Way and Momento Fendi lines.

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